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 What do the codes players use mean about their maxed cards

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PostSubject: What do the codes players use mean about their maxed cards   Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:13 pm

Let's say they are telling you they have a 8-2 card they want to trade you, but you have no idea what that means. this is the break down. The first number means how many cards were used total. In this scenario they used 8 cards. The second number means how many times it was max enhance. In this scenario is says 2, so it was max enhanced twice. More than likely it was enhanced when the cards were at ++ stage which is the most important to enhance out of all the stages. Of course this is if they follow this rule of maxing at the ++ stage. You never know. Here's another scenario. 6-10, it has 6 cards evolved total and it was max enhanced 10 times. If you take into account lets say all 1st stage were enhanced....there's a total of 6 out of the 10. 2 singles were combined to give you a + and it was down once more to give you a second +. After this it was max enhanced now you have 2 + cards max enhanced which gives you a total of 8. Keep in mind the single max enhanced don't count since they haven't been used and were already tallied into our original 6 enhancements out of the 10. Now after evolving a + with a single and then doing this step again. Max enhancing your ++ cards gives you a total of 10 as your second number. Enhancing at the max evolved form doesn't count. So there you go, there's a 6-10 card.

Fully maxed 8 card is 8-15.....15 being the max evolve form.
Fully maxed 6 card is 6-11.....11 being the max evolved form.
fully maxed 4 card is 4-7......7 being the max evolved form
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What do the codes players use mean about their maxed cards
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