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 Proper 8 Card Evo

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PostSubject: Proper 8 Card Evo   Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:56 pm

First you start with 8 cards of the card you want to evolve. I recommend HR and up. You max enhance all 8 cards. Then you will evolve 1 single card with another. After this step you will have 4 + cards. At this step you will enhance again to max. Once all are maxed you will combine 1 + with another + and get a ++. You will do this with the other single + cards and you will have 2 ++ cards. Max enhance these 2 cards and evolve together and max enhance the MAX evolve form. Congratulations you have completed a max enhance, max evolve 8 card Very Happy
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Proper 8 Card Evo
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